Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chromebooks to Edina Public Schools

Thanks to the Edina Ed Fund and Edina Public Schools, on Monday, March 26, 2012 Tracy Purdy will be introducing Chromebooks to her 4th grade students at Concord Elementary School at Edina Public Schools.  The students have been "working in the cloud" all year and have produced some amazing projects using technology.  They are beyond excited to have a 1:1 environment with Chromebooks to finish off their year.  I will be there to help support Tracy and the students in her "Classroom in the Cloud."  Feel free to check back often to see resources we add to the site along with examples of student projects that are created with the Chromebooks.

The first resource we have is the introduction Google Docs Presentation that we plan to share with the students tomorrow.  

Before the Chromebooks went into the classroom we had a few things we needed to do. First we enrolled each of the Chromebooks into our Edina Apps domain. 

Enroll the Chromebooks in our Domain.

We also tested out a few policies in the Chromebook management dashboard.  Right now we are just keeping things simple by just having a few websites come up upon login.  We may work on black/white listing apps and setting policies per grade level but for this year we are just keeping it simple.
Configure Chromebook Policies

Once the Cloud Printer arrives, we'll be setting up Cloud Print too.
Google Cloud Print


Joel Rogness said...

I teach in Inver Grove Heights and will be interested to see how this goes! They seem better for schools than iPads to me.

Kenzie Rowan said...

Good work.
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