Monday, March 21, 2011

My Big 3 from CUE 2011

My Big Three
At any conference or workshop that I lead or attend I try to walk away with 3 things that I have learned and will implement into my teaching, coaching or professional development.  The BIG 3 allows you to think about what ONE thing I can do on Monday when I return to work, what ONE thing I can do before the end of the school year, and what ONE thing will I remind myself of often and get to at some point in the next year.

I recently attended the Computer Using Educators (CUE) Conference in Palm Springs.   I went to lead the Google Workshop for Educators, and got the added benefit of attending the rest of the conference with some of my favorite people from my PLN.  Seeing people like Ken Shelton, Jim Sill, Chris Walsh, Mark Wagner, Mark Hammons, Diane Main and Dave Childers face to face is always a highlight of the trip, however I was able to expand my PLN by meeting new and exciting people like Wendy Gorton, Elizabeth Calhoun and Chris Lee Durham.  The people make the conference and I’m always so excited to be with my California peeps.

My Big 3 from the CUE Conference 2011.

Flubaroo is a new script within Google Spreadsheets that allows you to use any form as a self-grading quiz.  I’ve known how to make a self-grading quiz out of Google Spreadsheets by using a template with formulas already saved in the spreadsheet but I think flubaroo is a game changer because the wizard is easy to use for any teacher!  Try Flubaroo Now!

2.     Mark Hammons iPads in the classroom presentation.
Teachers from Edina Public Schools recently received grants to implement and pilot about 31  iPads in the classroom.  The iPads will be implemented across Elementary, Middle and High School in a variety of disciplines and grade levels.  We will have 2nd graders, PE teachers, 6th grade science students and Special Ed Students using iPads for learning.  Mark Hammons shared a variety of great apps and lesson plans that I’m excited to share with teachers.  Here are a few Highlighted Apps.

My specific project that will be one of my BIG 3 is to use Google Earth and POW Strip Design to have kids design a digital story about a geography unit on Regions.  I think the kids could use their iDevice to find different landscapes or locations in Google earth, take a screen-capture and load it into POW Strip Design to share about their learning of a region.  I’m working on my example now!

I’m charged up to start my App Lesson idea of the week part of my website for teachers.  Thanks to Mark I’ve got lesson plans for a lot of new apps!
Appy Tuesday- iDevice App of the Week

3.     Adding to my Personal Learning Network
As I mentioned above, the face to face time at the CUE Conference with my PLN is always a highlight.  Sometimes the conversations you have outside the conference hotel and convention center transform your thinking and integration more than the sessions themselves.  Here are a few people you should get to know from my PLN.

New PLN Peeps
@wendyGorton a.k.a “The Flash”
Wendy Gorton has been working internationally in India but has recently come stateside to work for New Tech Network.  Wendy is  a Google Certified Teacher and a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.  She is excited about her next adventure to Sydney Australia to present for the Google Teacher’s Academy.  I’m excited about the ideas that were generated in my conversations with Wendy and we look forward to planning a great #poolside conference session next year.  My #3 of my BIG 3 is an idea generated with Wendy at the conference, but we’re not ready to go public yet…stay tuned!

@ChrisLeeDurham a.k.a “Keystone”
I met Chris at CUE this year and was quickly impressed with how he is influencing technology and education.  Chris is a teacher at ACEL Fresno Charter School and presented on how he is using Open Source and Web Tools in his classroom to engage students.  I also got to engage in a CUE first with Chris as we hit the golf course for a few holes to open my golfing season.  We’re definitely making it a tradition.

Rockstars in my PLN from the CUE Conference
Ken Shelton is one of the more relevant technology mavericks that I know because he prides himself by still being in the middle school classroom as a teacher in the LA School District.  I love every moment that Ken and I get to chat about what he is doing in his classroom, with his photography and how he is sharing his energy about technology integration in education around the country.  Ken is also a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator.  He is running for the CUE Board, so if you’re a CUE member your vote for him would be well casted.

Jim Sill is a teacher of Video at El Diamante High School in Visalia, CA and he entertains me to no end.  My cheeks hurt from laughing after we remembered some good times with “snow cones” from the ISTE conference and I heard about his trip up to Alaska for a Google Workshop for Educators.  They guy is excited about technology, Google and transforming learning for kids.   Jim is also a Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and a new Apple Distinguished Educator.

Mark Hammons works as an Ed Tech Consultant for the Fresno County Office of Education.  I met Mark two years ago at the CUE conference at the EduBloggersCon.  Mark continues to be on the cutting edge of what teachers and students should be implementing in technology.  He calls himself an OG, “Original Geek” and actually lives up to that name.  I look to Mark for great IMPLEMENTATION strategies and lessons for cutting edge technology.  Mark is a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator.

@fitzwalsh a.k.a “Creativity Jedi”
Chris Walsh is the founder and brains behind the Google Teacher’s Academy.  He worked with Google to establish this professional development experience  that has transformed technology integration around the world.  Chris is now the Director of the New Tech Network  he works with school districts with his new model for project based learning .  Chris’ energy around technology, education and creating a new way of doing school is contagious and I always love our poolside chats that have to include something about Juan Daily.

Mark Wagner is responsible for all of the professional development for CUE.  He runs the program CUE to YOU which brings technology professional development to your school or district.  Mark organizes the Google Workshops for Educators around the world and has transformed iPad training and implementation with the iPad workshops from CUE to YOU.  I always look to Mark for the latest updates, newest tools and mostly the best ways of using technology in the classroom.  I think Mark’s favorite flavor of snow cone is grape.

Mike Lawrence is the Executive Director of CUE and put on a great conference for CUE 11.  Mike  has a great vision for CUE and how it can help teachers transform learning into the future.  My running joke with Mike is that I want to be the B-Note Speaker at the conference so I can return back to the CUE Conference every year.  For a MN girl, Palm Springs in March is a great location for a conference. Thanks to Mike and his team for an excellent CUE conference!

Other Rockstars from CUE that you should include in your PLN...

@iteachag a.k.a. “The Plow”

Don’t miss my local MN PLN Peeps too…

Sean Beaverson
Technology Coordinator for Bloomington Public Schools
Google Certified Teacher and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer

Benjamin Friesen
Earth Science Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist
Google Certified Teacher and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer

Mark Garrison
Technology Coordinator for White Bear Lake, MN

Susan Michael
Eden Prairie teacher and Technology Integration Specialist


Diane E. Main, GCT NorCal 2006 said...

Wow! Thanks! I got a mention. But no nickname. I guess I need to work on that.

So glad you came away with some tangible "right-away" stuff to use back home. Also glad to see you, as always.

Chris said...

This is so cool! Honored to be part of your Big 3.

Mister Sill said...

It is always so much fun when we get to see you out here in CA. BTW, I think you are right about Mark's favorite flavor!

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