Monday, July 7, 2008

An overview of the Google Teacher’s Academy Tools and Resources

Chris Walsh is the host of The Infinate Thinking Machiene blog videos gave a wonderful tour of advanced search features. Have you ever Googled “even more” you’d be surprised as to how many more features Google has other than search! Chris also gave some great tips on how to use Google with your phone!

Jerome Burg gave an overview of how he has used Google Earth and Google Maps for his Google Lit Trips. Have you ever dug a hole to the other side of the earth using Google earth? Measure distances on Google Maps? Geo Apps for Google :)

Mark Wagner demonstrated Google Docs newest features including how to collect information using forms on Google Spreadsheets. Also there is a new “gadget library” found under “create a map, cart or table link within a spreadsheet.”

Cheryl Davis shared amazing ways that she is using iGoogle, Blogger and Reader in her classroom. Did you know that you can share an entire tab in iGoogle with colleagues, students and parents?

Kathleen Ferenz introduced Google Notebook and other Google tools to use in the research process. Google Notebook is the future of online note-taking and when used appropriately. Your Google Notebook can also be shared with other people.

Kyle Brumbaugh shared how an entire district adopted Google Apps for Education. Can you imagine not having a Microsoft suite and having all the programs that you need hosted online? G-mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and iGoogle are a great starting place for districts to start saving money on site licenses. Kyle also shared with us how Google Sites work as Google’s version of a wiki and a web page in one.

Life at the Googleplex

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Spiro Bolos said...

Looks awesome, Molly. You are the Queen of Linking, which is a great way to get noticed by search engines.

Your action plan looks solid -- you're way ahead of me, but I somehow made the deadline before my family hits the road for vacation.

Take care!